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Health Impact and achievements

IFSO’s projects have impacted their respective target groups their by the society at large in different perspectives. Here below we have tried to outline health impacts and/or achievements with regards to each project. More detail information is available in the Annual Reports of IFSO.

 Rehabilitation and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse Children Project

Under the Rehabilitation and Prevention of Child Sexual Abused Children Project a total of 360 sexually abused children (334 female and 30 male) have been provided with different psychosocial services of the project. Among these services, 364 children got counseling and medical services, 355 children got educational materials support. The family members of these children were also supported to engage in income generating activities. 69 families were provided with one time grant and entrepreneurship training to start with their own business. 34 school drops out youths from the families of the children are also supported to enroll in different marketable vocational skill trainings.

Foster home service, where children are provided with shelter, food, clothing, medical treatment and educational support, arranged by the project. A total of 74 children have been getting this service. Of these children, 47 are female and 27 are male.

Supporting Children Living with HIV/AIDS  Project

Under the Supporting Children Living with HIV/AIDS project IFSO provided medical, counseling, and nutritional support for children living with the virus. A total of 102 children (57 male and 45 female) have been included and are getting the support of the program. IFSO has also conducted awareness raising workshops on the issues of HIV/AIDS for community members and families of the children. Thereby a total of 987(male239, and 748female) participants from the community and 297(male76 and 221 female) family members of the children attended these programs.

Children Oasis- Sustainable Development for Children Project

Under the Children Oasis- Sustainable Development for Children Project a total of 2250 parents attended workshops on health issues.  A total of 80 community based reproductive health agents were trained and have been accessing contraceptive pills for mothers in their respective localities and more than 200 regular users have been getting the service in the community. 9 springs were developed to improve the access of the community for clean potable water.

Community Mobilization and Child Well being at Amibara Woreda of Afar Project

Under the Community Mobilization and Child Wellbeing Project at Amibara Woreda of Afar awareness creation workshop on the issue of good parenting and child care conducted for 100 community members and 50 local government authorities.