Sat. May 18th, 2024

Community Mobilization

Community Mobilization and Child Well being at Amibara Woreda of Afar Project

 This project is a pilot project that IFSO has been implementing out of Addis Ababa city administration.

Objective: Contribute to the improvement of the well-being, care and education of orphan and vulnerable children living in Awash Arba town.

Target Groups: Orphan and Vulnerable Children Living in Awash Arba Town

Target Area: Awash Arba Town


  • A model community based Child Care and Education Center is under construction to provide KG education and care for more than 80 children at Awash Arba town.
  • Awareness creation workshop on the issue of good parenting and child care conducted for 100 community members and 50 local government authorities.

Status of the Project: Ongoing

For more information on the current status of the project in terms of different activities performed such as preparatory activities, construction of early childhood care and education center, staff capacity development, support for Awash Arba primary school, awareness creation workshops on early childhood care and education, monitoring and documentation, including lessons learned and problems encountered during the execution of the project is available in the  2011 Annual Report of IFSO.