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Children Living with HIV/AIDS

Support for Children Living with HIV/AIDS Project

 General Objective: To contribute to the improvement of the livelihood of children and youth living with HIV/AIDS.

Specific Objectives:

  • To contribute to improve the health and psycho-social condition of 100 children affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • To contribute to improve the family incomes by enhancing their skills and providing a one time grant for orphaned and semi-orphaned children affected by HIV/AIDS and /or their families.
  • To create awareness on HIV/AID, including prevention of the phenomena into the local community.

Expected Out Puts:

  • 100 children living with HIV/AIDS improve in their health
  • School attendance increased
  • Stress of 100 families will reduce
  • 500 people increased their awareness in HIV/AIDS prevention people to reduce discrimination and neglect
  • 75 family businesses started
  • 50 Children and/or family members will attend skill training

Major Activities:

  • Financial and Medical Support
  • School Support
  • Vocational and Entrepreneurship skill Training
  • Awareness creation workshops


  • The project provides medical, counseling, educational materials, nutritional and financial support for children living with the virus. A total of 102 children (57 male and 45 female) have been included and are getting the support of the program. Out of the 102 beneficiaries, 89 (36 Female and 53 Male) are school aged and are attending classes in different government and public schools.
  • To improve the households’ income, the project provides vocational skill training opportunities and one time grant of 3,000 Birr each with prior entrepreneurship training for families of the target children. A total of 55 individuals from the households of beneficiary children were enrolled in different vocational skill training institutions, and 97 households were provided with the onetime grant and the entrepreneurship training to help them start with their own small business.
  • Awareness raising workshops on the issues of HIV/AIDS conducted for community members and families of the children. A total of 987(male239, and 748female) participants from the community and 297(male76 and 221 female) family members of the children attended these programs.

Status of the Project: Ongoing

For more information on the current status of the project in terms of   different indicators such as financial and nutritional support provided, school support provided, vocational and entrepreneurship training provided, awareness creation workshops conducted, including lessons learned and problems encountered during the execution of the project is available in the  2011 Annual Report of IFSO.