Organizational Objective

  • Build the capacity of very weak households with children to increase the family income.
  • Support children and family through sponsorship intervention.
  • Rehabilitate the physical, mental and social well being sexual assaulted children and their families.
  • Promote the healthy life style of IFSO’s beneficiaries. Ensure the basic needs of children and young people health protection and participation.
  • Values and Principles
Commitment and dedication to participatory development
  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Team work
  • Love to children
  • Gender sensitive
  • Organizational Structure
The general assembly of the organization is the supreme organ of IFSO.
  • The board comprising five members is elected by the general assembly that directs and regulates the organization.
  • The Executive Director who is appointed by the board is responsible to manage the overall activities of the organization.
  • The finance, the program and the administration officers discharge responsibilities in their respective fields of authorities.
  • The project coordinators are responsible to directly executing the respective projects.
Board of Directors

The board comprises five members and is elected by the general assembly and its purpose is to direct and regulate the organization. The following are the five members of the board and their contact address is available at the Contact Us page.

Ato Kebede Wolde Giorgis – Board Chairman

Dr. Melese Getu – Board Member

Sr. Alemitu Eteffa – Board Member

Ato Tamiru Ambachew – Board Member

Ato Selam Setegn – Board Member

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