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Education Impact/Achievements

IFSO's projects have impacted their respective target groups their by the society at large in different perspectives. Here below we have tried to outline education impacts and/or achievements with regards to each project. More detail information is available in the annual reports of IFSO.

Here below are some of our graduated children in #2019 in different universities  #Sponsorship project ,Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa(IFSO)

Sponsorship program(IFSO Addis Ababa)

Award for distinct students

Child Sponsorship Project

Under the Child Sponsorship Project a total of 2176(1022 male and 1154 female) children were supported in the program. Out of which 33 beneficiaries (14 female and 19 male) graduated with a BA degree in different fields of studies, like Engineering, Management, Accounting, etc. 42 (15 female and 27 male) graduated with a Diploma, and 205 ( 126 female and 79 male) graduated with a certificate from different private vocational skill training institutions in marketable fields and most of them got employment and cancelled from the program.

Supporting Children Living with HIV/AIDS  Project

Under the Supporting Children Living with HIV/AIDS Project the project provides medical, counseling, educational materials, nutritional and financial support for children living with the virus. A total of 102 children (57 male and 45 female) have been included and are getting the support of the program. Out of the 102 beneficiaries, 89 (36 Female and 53 Male) are school aged and are attending classes in different government and public schools. To improve the households’ income, the project also provides vocational skill training opportunities. A total of 55 individuals from the households of beneficiary children were enrolled in different vocational skill training institutions, and 97 households were provided with the onetime grant and the entrepreneurship training to help them start with their own small business.

Awareness raising workshops on the issues of HIV/AIDS conducted for community members and families of the children. A total of 987(male239, and 748female) participants from the community and 297(male76 and 221 female) family members of the children attended these programs.

Rehabilitation and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse Children Project

Under the Rehabilitation and Prevention of Child Sexual Abused Children Project 355 sexually abused children got educational materials support. 34 school drops out youths from the families of the children are also supported to enroll in different marketable vocational skill trainings.

 Skill Training and Family Counseling Project

Under the Skill Training and Family Counseling Project where the target groups were school drop out youths, aged 18-25 with at least 3 siblings below age 15, the project provided skill trainings in hotel and child care, beauty and hair dressing, heavy machine operator, like dozer operation skills, as well as counseling and reproductive health awareness services. A total of 527 youths (450 female and 77 male) got the services of the project and 68% of the youths were employed.

Children Oasis- Sustainable Development for Children Project

Under the Children Oasis- Sustainable Development for Children Project a total of 40 school drop out youths were given the opportunity to attend different vocational skill training institutions. 7 alternative basic education centers established and more than 600 children have been attending class with in their respective localities.

Children Safety Net Project

Under the Children Safety Net Project 950 children are supported in the home work club organized in 5 target schools and 20 computers with accessories were distributed to 5 target schools

Community Mobilization and Child Well being at Amibara Woreda of Afar Project

Under the Community Mobilization and Child Well being at Amibara Woreda of Afar Project a model community based Child care and education center is under construction to provide KG education and care for more than 80 children at Awash Arba town. In the meantime awareness creation workshop on the issue of good parenting and child care is conducted for 100 community members and 50 local government authorities.