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September 2011

The manual will introduce overall subjects about children and good parental styles. This will give an important knowledge and information – important for social workers as well as parents and other community-members. Clik here to download the FULL TEXT

Promising Practices on Child and Youth Initiative Activities with Special Emphasis to Sport Activities

2011, Addis Ababa

The purpose of this documentation is not to examine a practice in light of different criteria. Rather, it is an attempt to highlight activities accomplished, results obtained, what work was well done and identify contributing factors. Clik here to download the FULL TEXT.


Produced by IFSO and AC International Child Support – Denmark 2011, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

This magazine highlights some of IFSO’s major undertakings in sustainable development for children project. The success of this endeavor was due largely to the concerned effort and participation of target communities, government and beneficiaries themselves. Clik here to download the FULL TEXT

Manual on Child Participation

Prepared by IFSO Oct 2011, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

This manual is a guide on child participation in IFSO/Child Safety Net initiatives. It begins by summarizing the status quo for child participation in the two project areas of Yeka and Gulele sub cities. Then, it provides an overview of the concept of child participation, explaining why child participation is so important and providing guidance on how to analyze and evaluate the scope and level of child participation in the project including the challenges of child participation. Clik here to download the FULL TEXT.

Strategies and Methods for Social Development Work Lessons Learned and Future Challenges

Improving the Living Conditions of Vulnerable Children Dec 2005

This publication can be considered as a first milestone in an important development process initiated by five partners. it is an attempt to systematize and document the findings reached at this moment in the process, findings particularly concerning the professional competence development. Click here to download the FULL TEXT.