IFSO has been supporting rural girls to attend their high school education in by establishing a Girls Hostel in Ambasel woreda, Wuchale town. Accordingly, during the first phase of the project implementation, 30 poor rural girls were supported to attend and complete high school education (from grade 9-12). All the 30 girls who sat for the 12th grade National Examination in the academic year of 2015/16 scored a passing grade which enabled them to join university education and they are now attending their university education in the different parts of the country with a continual support from both IFSO and the partner organization (CIFA)

Taking in to account the commendable achievements made by the first batch of rural girls,   IFSO and CIFA Onlus(the partner funding organization) have decided to re- launch the Girls’ Hostel service for another 30 poor rural girls. At present 30 girls are getting similar services with the aim of enabling them join higher education after four years sat in the Hostel.

The newly admitted girls with the Executive Directress, Wro Mekdes Zelelew.

The role played by the local government in availing the space and rooms for the hostel and the overall strong follow with the line offices is of paramount importance for the successful achievement of the project.

The case stories of the first batch rural girls are presented here under: